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What year is serial number JAB0139091

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What year is my backhoe JJG0193417

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Q: What year is a case backhoe 580 super l serial number JJG0201988?
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What year is a case 580 super m backhoe serial number jjg0280665?


When was the 38 super automatic built with serial number 81332?

about 1951

When was the 38 Super Automatic built serial number 54952?

about 1948

What year was my colt army 38 special king super target special serial?

No serial number provided.

What year was a colt 38 super serial number 57454 made in?

That Colt super .38 was made in 1948.


What about it? Go to with serial number for date of manufacture.

When was the Colt 38 Super Automatic built serial number 54952?

about 1948

Where can you find serial number information for a colt 38 super?

on the side of the frame

What is the manufacture date of your colt super 38 pistol with serial number 13xxx?

Based on the super .38 starting with serial number 13650 was made in 1932 so your 13xxx was made either in 1931 or 1932.

What is the year of manufacture of a Colt 38 super serial number 68265? has Colt serial numbers you can look up

How old is your ruger super blackhawk with serial 86-07xxx?

You can find serial number data on Ruger's web site

What is the age of a Colt Commander Super 38 with serial 59406-LW?

Colt combat commander with that serial number was produced in 1968.