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Q: What year did postman pat come out?
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What year was Postman Pat on TV?

Postman Pat was on television from September 17, 1981 until its final airing on December 19, 2008.

Where does postman pat come from?

postmanpat is a retired army man

Who is more famous Postman Pat or Incredible Hulk?

postman pat

What is the duration of Postman Pat?

The duration of Postman Pat is 900.0 seconds.

Who is more famous Postman Pat or Brad Pitt?

postman pat

What are the postman p?

postman pat:)

Who is more famous Postman Pat or Batman?

postman pat is a we bit more famous

Who is more famous Postman Pat or Mario?

Mario is more famous than Postman Pat.

Who is more famous Postman Pat or Usain Bolt?

postman pat would be the most famous

What is the village where postman pat lives called?

The village where Postman Pat lives is called Greendale.

What is the German for postman pat?

Postbote Pat

Where can someone purchase Postman Pat Toys?

The best retail location for Postman Pat Toy's is Toy's R Us, They carry a lot of Postman and child directed toys. Postman Pat Toy's are also available online.