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Q: What year did General Motors buy the automobile division of Saab?
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When did General Motors or GM buy the Saab Company?

Saab Automobile is a Swedish manufacturer. GM initially bought 50% of Saab in 1999 and bought the rest of the company is 2000. They then sold Saab to Spyker Cars.

Where are the Saab dealerships located in Ocala florida?

Saab was shut down by General Motors and therefore, it no longer sells in the United States.

What engine manufacturer made saab's 3 liter V6 turbo?

General Motors

Who own Saab?

General Motors did own saab. Now it is owned by Spyker Cars N.V.Saab is owned by Spyker cars and had a secure future.

What autos were produced by General Motors?

Previously: Cadillac Chevrolet Buick Pontiac Oldsmobile Recently Saab Hummer

Who makes saabs?

General Motors acquired 51% of Saab in 1990. GM bought the rest of Saab in 2000. Under the direction of the Obama administration & the new CEO of GM that he appointed, GM closed down Pontiac, Saturn and Saab. It resulted in the loss of three excellent product lines, and many lost jobs. Saab was eventually sold to a small Dutch company: Spyker, in early 2010 for a reported 500 million dollars.

How many Saab 9-2x were sold in America?

According to Saab: 2008: 2 2007: 118 2006: 1,435 2005: 5,940 Total: 7,495 Information compiled from General Motors.

Who makes the Saab vehicle?

The handful of new ones they're putting out are made by National Electric Vehicle Sweden. The ownership of this car company has been all over the map. Before 1968, the airplane factory Saab AB made the Saab car. In 1968, Saab AB merged with the truck company Scania-Vabis and became "Saab-Scania." In 1995, this group became three companies: Saab Automobile AB became majorly owned by General Motors. The airplane factory became the Saab Group...this company has become one of the biggest defense contractors in the world. Scania AB makes trucks and buses.

What is the relationship between GM and Saab Automobile?

GM in 1989 invested $600 million in Saab Automobile, giving GM 50% control of Saab. In 2000 GM optioned the remain 50% control for $125 million. In 2010 Mg sold Saab to Spyker.

Why did Ford shutdown Saab after buying it?

Ford has never owned Saab. General Motors bought a 50% interest in Saab in 1989. In 2000 GM bough the company outright. In 2010 GM sold Saab to Spyker Motors. GM was to supply engines and technology to Saab. When Spyker tried to sell Saab to a Chinese company GM blocked the sale. Saab filed for bankrupcy in 2011. In 2012 Saab was sold to a Chinese consortium called National Electric Vehicle Sweden. As of May 2014 all production of Saab vehicles stopped. Production may begin again at a later date and it may not.

Did skania own Saab?

Saab and Scania were merged in the past, but split again about 20 years ago. The Saab aircraft company and Saab automobile company are no longer the same, either.

What are the different brands of General Motors?

In ABC order: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, GM Daewoo, Holden, Hummer, Opel, Saab, Saturn, Vauxhall