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Eric Chester Invented it after banging that chick from the Big Bang Theory. It just makes me sick....

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Q: What year did Eric Chester invent the automatic loom?
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Who invented the automatic loom?

Eric Chester invented the automatic loom he is a great man

When did Joseph jacquard invent the loom?

Never. He did not invent the loom, it has existed since before recorded history. What he did invent was the automatic punchcard programmed loom.

What year did Saki Toyoda invent loom?

Mr Toyoda Automatic Loom was established in 1926 and revolutionized the Japanese textile industry in the 20th century.

Why did jacquard invent the weaving loom?

What he invented was a programmable automatic loom. This eliminated the need for a person to change the threads to create patterns and greatly increased the speed of production for patterned textiles.

What did Joseph jacquard invent?

The punch card loom, considered to be an early form of the computer. computers needed this or they would not work as well.

Who created the automatic loom?

Your mom did.

What did Edward Cartwright invent?

He invented the mechanical loom.

What did Edmond Cartwright invent?

He invented the power loom

What changed the textile industry?

automatic loom

When did Joseph invent weaving loom?

on july 3rd 1845

What innovations changed the textile industry?

automatic loom

What did Marie Jacquard invent?

Joseph Marie Jacquard invented a programmable loom, before the age of computers. In his honor, it is called the Jacquard Loom.