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will radio out of 2001 cavalier fit 1999 cavalier

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Q: What year cavaliers are interchangeable?
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In what year did the Cleveland Cavaliers become a franchise?

The Cavaliers entered the NBA in 1970.

What year did the Cleveland Cavaliers join the NBA?

The Cavaliers first began play in the NBA in 1970

What year did the Cleveland cavaliers go to the finals?

The Cleveland Cavaliers went to the finals in 2007 and in 2015.

What was the Cleveland cavaliers best year?


What year did the Cleveland Cavaliers reached the NBA finals?

The Cleveland Cavaliers reached the finals in 2007 and 2015.

When are the Cleveland Cavaliers coming to Columbus this year?

It changes every year

What does the Cleveland Cavaliers XL mean?

it is the cavaliers 40th year as a franchise. In roman numerals XL means 40.

Motor size of 97 Chevy cavaliers?

2.2 OHV (Over Head Valves) & 2.4 DOHC (Duel Over Head Cams) They are not interchangeable

What year did Chevrolet discontinue Cavaliers?


What was the last year Chevy Cavaliers were made?

Chevrolet Cavaliers were last made in 2005 where the new Chevrolet Cobalt took its place

How many wins did the cavaliers have this year so far?


Will a 1992 z24 bumpers fit a 1992 cavalier vl?

If both cavaliers are the 92 body style then bumpers, fenders, and many other body parts are interchangeable