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Q: What would normal hair look and feel like?
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It feels like normal hair exept it is sometimes wet or smelly they taste like plauqe.what does armpit hair feel like?

it feels like some hair under your armpit. Most of the time for me its sweaty and wet because I do lots of sport.

How do you get springtails out of your hair if you feel like you are covered with them and will a lice treatment kill them?

Springtails do not normally infest human hair. A normal washing with regular shampoo should get rid of any that have happened into your hair accidentally.

What does it feel like to have damp hair?

it feels like your hair is damp

Do girls like military guys?

They do, it makes them feel more powerful. girls like a normal guy, not one that never cuts his hair or showers. YES

What would happen if you put a whole egg in your hair?

To be honest, all it does is make your hair feel slimy and that your hair feels like it's thickening.

What does a guys balls feel like?

loose skin kinda like a really old persons extra skin would feel like if they had a large amount of hair

What does armpit hair look like?

like normal hair just growing in your armpits

Is Leo Howard going to cut his hair?

No because Why would he cut his hair because he can do what he feel likes it + his long hair suits him like a true karate guru

I have normal afro hair is it possible to make it look like mazzi maz if so how?

It is not possible to make your hair look like mazzi maz if you have normal afro hair.

How many times should you wash womans hair?

It depends on what kind of hair type you have. If you have a dry scalp you hsouldnt was your hair everyday because it can dry it out. If you have an oily or normal scaplp you can wash it everyday or every other day (: if youre hair is really oily and you dont feel like washing it , put baby powder in it and itll feel like its just been washed (:

If a brunette dyed their hair with temporary white hair dye what would the outcome look like?

the hair would end up looking like a normal color it always it may be lighter the first couple of weeks after your temperay hair wheres off but evenuatty your natural hair color will return.

What does a dog hair look like under a microscope?

nothing it looks like a normal hair