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If the cells did not specialize than there would be no chick developing.

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Q: What would happen to a chick embryo if its cells did not specialize?
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What happens when a fertillized egg splits?

The fertilized egg is in the eggshell. It is an extremely large egg. It fills the egg shell. It is larger than the chick will be when it hatches! It divides like any other cell and becomes smaller.

How can one cell become a chick?

By influence of the environment (the uterus, and hormones), the fertilized ovum (single cell) replicates its genetic content and divides, resulting in two cells. These two cells further replicate and divide into four, eight, sixteen, ... After multiple cycles of genetic replication and cellular division, further embryological development by cellular differentiationleads to formation of organs, and ultimately, to formation of a chicken! The more you know about the details in this process, the more incredible it seems that one cell can actually result in a living chick - or human being!

Why can a chicken egg cell be so much larger than other cells?

A chicken egg cell needs to be larger. In that one cell are all the substances the growing chick will need. Even a human egg cell is much larger than normal cells. This is made up for when the cell starts diving mitotically. There is only nuclear growth, without significant growth in each individual cell gets smaller, but the whole mass remains approximately the same size as the original egg cell. Most cells obtain nutrients through their cell membrane. As a result, most cells must be small in order for enough nutrients to pass through their membrane at a time. The larger a cell gets, the more nutrients it requires to pass through the cell membrane. This is what keeps most cells small; the need to even out the surface area to volume ratio of a cell. However, because the nutrients that an egg needs are contained within it, it can grow to be as big as it wants, because there is no need to even out the surface area to volume ratio of this cell.

Can you tell if an egg has a chick inside by weight?

After around 7-10 into the incubation period, (research this to check), it is possible to do something called candling. Candling is where you shine a light into the egg and look at the embryo forming. If there is nothing and the egg is clear, then the egg is infertile. If there is an opaque object in the egg, this is an embryo. Be careful though, because if you candle early in the incubation period you might be unable to see the embryo yet and mistake it for an infertile egg! When you choose a candling torch, make sure it's not one that releases a lot of heat because this could damage the chick. Good Luck!

What limits cell size?

I doubt that there is any limit to how large a cell can be. However, the cell's size really depends on the function of the cell. Generally, in the case of a single-celled microorganisms, the cells have to move materials (example, nutrients and wastes) across the cell membrane to stay alive. If the materials move in or out of the cell too slowly, for example the waste accumulates in the cell or the cell is unable to get its nutrients quickly, the cell will die. In order for the rate of diffusion of materials across the cell membrane be as efficient as possible, the cell has to increase its area of cell membrane per unit volume, which is to say, be as small as possible. As for the current largest cell, which is the ostrich egg, the function of the egg is NOT moving materials in and out of the cell surface membrane, but to protect the chick inside the egg and to contain the nutrients that will nourish the chick inside until the chick hatches. The chick needs a lot of nutrients and the chick is going to grow a lot in the egg, so the egg (cell) has to be rather large. There is also an organism known as caulerpa, which is a meter long single-celled organism, but I have no idea why is it that huge.