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You would die cause you would be too clumsy and you would fall down a flight of stairs

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Q: What would happen if you lost your big toe?
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If your left middle toe was as big as your middle toe what would happen?

Absolutely nothing as it is true by default.

How hard would it be if you lost a body part?

Depends on which part, and what you're trying to do. A car driver losing a ring finger - not much. a guitar player losing a ring finger - disaster. A computer programmer losing a big toe - not much. A dancer losing a big toe - big trouble.

What is the toe next to the big toe called?

The toes do not have names like the fingers do. It would be simpler to just refer to this toe as your second toe.

Is your little toe lateral or distal to the big toe?

No the little toe is lateral to the big toe, and so the big toe is medial to the little toe.

Is middle toe medial to the big toe?

your middle toe is your big fat face loser ha ha ha

What is a divergent big toe?

big left toe

How much would a pinky toe cost compared to a big toe?

Toes cannot be purchased, even though they are valuable to us. If you're asking for a hypothetical value, I believe a big toe would cost more than a pinky toe. It's the "thumbkin" of the foot.

Is Metatarsal number one the big or little toe?

Metatarsals are numbered starting at the medial side, which would make the big toe number 1.

Does the big toe help balance your body?

Yes, you would find it difficult to move with your big toe missing and would have to re-learn to walk. Toes definitely help with balance.

Is it normal the your index toe is taller then your big toe?

yes, because all humans have slanted they are not lined up if they were lined up you would see the deference that your index-toe is taller than your big toe.

Why is your big toe little?

the big toe is just a name.

How do you do say big toe in Chinese?

da zhow big toe