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The tiger would not be able to keep running

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Q: What would happen if the hydrogen ion pumps in the tiger's mitochondria stopped functioning?
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What would happen if the hydrogen pumps in the tigers mitochondria stopped functioning?

The tiger would not be able to keep running

What would happen to the dog if the hydrogen ion pumps in its mitochondria stopped functioning?

the dog would not have any energy left for activity

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What will happen if a cells mitochondria does not function properly?

Energy production will be stopped. So it will malfunction

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It will not get energy. Functions of cells would be stopped

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Entire nervous system would not function properly

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What will happen if the mithocondria of the cell doesn't stop working or functioning?

If energy is not supplied from outside,Cell's function would be stopped due to lack of energy

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Hydrogen ions are pumped across the mitochondria's inner membrane producing a concentration gradient