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Q: What would happen if Hinata didn't like Naruto and thought he was obnoxious and wasn't shy at all?
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When do Naruto and Hinata have kids?

That Did Not Happen Yet, But Due To The Book Naruto and Hinata Had a Son and Daughter Name Bolt and Himawari Uzumaki.

What would happen if naruto and Hinata kissed?

The world would end

What will happen to Hinata if Narusaku happens?

Nothing, probably. She will be a little heartbroken because she loves Naruto, but Hinata will also be happy because she knows that Naruto would be happy.

Is Hinata Hot?

i looked at almost all naruhina vids any what i saw was 1)there are no clips that prove naruto loves hinata 2)you naruhian fans HOPEnaruto ends up with hinata (that is never going to happen) 3)u only have fake Photos and have no clips to prove naruto loves her 4)naruto never will love hinata cuz there is no prove. also you want naruto to like hinata cuz u think hinata is hot (thats not true) (prove) she looks blind /she is always shy no matter what. IF U WANT NARUTO TO LIKE HINATA THEN DONT COME UP WITH FAKE PHOTOS. SEARCH FOR CLIPS THAT PROVE THAT NARUTO LOVES HINATA. STOP SPEADING LIES THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN . UR WILL IS NOT WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEITHER MINE. LET Masashi Kishimoto make what will happen

What happens to Hinata in naruto shippuden movie 3?

Nothing happen to her she is alright

Who will marry kiba?

I think Kiba might marry Hinata. I always thought Hinata and Kiba are cute together. Kiba does care alot for Hinata since they are both team mates and he was really worried about Hinata when she had to go up against Neji during the Chunnin exams. Unfortunately, Hinata is in love with Naruto right now, so it might not happen. But if Naruto does happened to marry Sakura in the future and since Hinata might be left out, then maybe Kiba might have a chance to be with Hinata.

Doesn't Naruto remember Hinata AT ALL?

During the large amount of filler episodes place in the Naruto series, Hinata had several episodes where Naruto notices that she is "amazing." However, by the next episode that she appears in, Naruto has completely forgotten that Hinata even knows how to fight. So, no. Naruto doesn't seem to be able to remember Hinata at all. It would be interesting if the manga changed that, but I don't believe it will happen.

Does Neji kisses Hinata?

Yes, there were many hints, especially in the recent episodes of Naruto. Watch episode 306.

Does Shikamaru like Hinata?

As far as we know shikamaru doesn't like Hinata more than a friend. Hinata does love naruto so there a 99% chance nothing will happen between shikamaru and hinata.

Naruto marrys Sakura?

Sadly no this does not happen. Although I am still stuck watching Shippuden episoides naruto is currently going out with Hinata.

Will something happen between Naruto and Hinata after her confession to him during the battle with Pain?

As of the current chapters of the

Do Hinata and Naruto like each other?

Never, ever, EVER in a million years. Maybe tee hee cause they never met but once in the movie bonds just maybe why not she's the only girl who's not a fangirl like the rest! it could happen they always do twists in the shows and sasuke and hinata would look good and sakura and naruto would look awesome