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Q: What would germs do to the body if you didn't have sin?
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Is getting Belly button ring a sin?

no it is not a sin but god made your body to be perfect just like you and he would not want you to defile your body in that manner

Was it sinful for gentiles to worship idols if they didnt know that idolatry is wrong?

yes sin is sin theres not an exception just because you dont know about it

What is a external sin?

doing harm to your body and any sin that is not spiritual

Is it a sin to have a beard?

AnswerNo.How you look and how you decide to decorate/display your body is up to you, nobody else.AnswerI don't know of anywhere in the Bible where it says it is a sin to wear a beard, therefore wearing a beard alone is not sin. The sin would come if there had been a vow made or otherwise.

Is it a great sin if a man sucks his wife's breastmilk in sleep?

It is much better if you do it while she is awake. That way, she can wash her breast(s) when you're done. You don't want to transfer your germs to the baby. We all have germs in our mouth; nothing personal.

Is transsexualism a sin?

No, it is a birth condition, not a sin. A transsexual person is simply a person who was born in the wrong body. It has absolutely nothing to do with sin nor religion.

Is plagiarism a sin?

A religious sin? No. A scholarly sin? Yes. I would say copying something is stealing, and stealing IS a religious sin...

Does the Catholic Church consider alcoholism a sin such as adultery?

Yes, and no. The Catholic Church considers alcoholism as in drinking to excessive over a period of time a serious sin. Alcoholism, the condition where the body has become acclimated to a large consumption of alcohol would no longer be considered a serious sin, in and of itself, but the drinking that got you to that point would be considered a serious sin. To be considered a serious sin, free will must be involved, and a free decision. When you get to the point where there is little free will involved and little to no decision then you are looking at other sins perhaps, but no longer the original serious sin of just drinking to excess. Which is not to say that no sin is involved.

Who would win sin cara or rey mysterio in WWE?

sin cara

What would happen if we didn't have sin?

If the world did not have sin, then there would not be good. If there was no good then nothing could be in existance. Therefore, there would only be Oblivion.

What does sin hablo mean?

"sin hablo" is an incorrect Spanish construction, literally translating to "without I talk". If it was "sin hablar" it would mean "without talking". If it was "sin que yo hable" it would mean "without me talking".

Is that Carla Gugino's body in 'Sin City'?

Yes , Carla Gugino (Lucille) did not use a 'body-double' .