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it is possible that you may have a problem with the govenor or the govenor spring on your genny,these may cause "hunting"which is what your genny is doing.if you have a parts breakdown manual check the location of these parts and make sure they are opperating correctly.

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Q: What would cause a generator to throttle up and down without a load?
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What would cause my Honda rancher when you push the throttle down to spit and sputter?

Clean the carbeurator and lube the throttle cable.

What would cause the throttle to go crazy on 1999 grand am gt?

Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) or Mass Air Meter

What would cause lack of power and rattling during acceleration?

It depends on if you have a carburetor or fuel injection but it is probably in the throttle body. You could have trash in your throttle body or the throttle body is worn out.

Would a busted throttle cable cause a car to not run?

It would start and run but only idle. It would not be drivable.

What would cause gas generator to run very hot?

well, since its a gas generator, my guess is that its powered by farts, so farts would make it very hot.

What would cause the engine to rev to full throttle when throttle position is at idle on a polaris magnum 325?

It may be that the idle is set at max rpm on your carberator

What would cause a howling sound to come from the engine on a 95 Ford Explorer?

throttle body

Would a defective governor cause a generator motor not run?

Yes, if the governor failed in a way that "makes it think" the generator is always running too fast it might prevent the generator from running at all.

What would make a 2001 Malibu rpms rise without stepping on gas?

a sticking cable at throttle body or a idle air control sensor. check to make sure throttle, is not sticking at throttle plate.

What would cause a Chevy 350 to Bog down at wide open throttle?

Plugged fuel, air filter, or catalytic converter can cause that.

What would cause the accelerator of a 1995 GMC sierra pickup to stick?

Could be a bad throttle body

What would cause a throttle body to go bad on an 2003 Ram 15005.7L Hemi?

Poor manufacturing