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Q: What would be the primary driver for you to pursue a new position?
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What types of positions do you feel you are qualified for and would like to pursue?

managerial position

Who is Liable for an accident if the driver of the vehicle that is at fault has insurance but the car he is driving is not registered in his name?

It really depends on the laws of your State and the policies involved. That being said, usually the policy on the car in question is primary in the resolution of any claim, and then the driver's policy would be in a secondary position.

Would management pursue goals other than shareholder wealth maximization?

Of course yes, but maximizing shareholder wealth would be the primary goal of any organization that has shareholders.

Safest motorcycle lane position?

The safest position is at home Ha Ha!! but blocking position is where you are supposed to ride which is close to the centre line where the driver's side tire on a car would run.

Does the primary driver have to be in the car with secondary driver concerning a rental vehicle?

Yes, the primary driver has to be it in because the car is listed in their name. Im speaking from experience where my mom (who didnt want to drive) rented a car in her name. The company would not let anyone else unless they were added on the policy, and still then, she had to be in the car with them.

Where can I learn how to become a race car driver?

To become a race car driver, first you need to figure out what type of race car driving you would like to pursue. Then you need to get experience and start working as a part of a race car team.

Why did the engineer Murry quit on the cornelia Marie?

He wanted to pursue the position of "skipper" full-time. If he stayed with the FV Cornelia Marie - he would have stayed their as an engineer/deckhand.

What football position would you be if your 140lbs?

Weight is not a primary factor in determining position (though a 140 pounder would probably be an exceptionally poor choice for offensive linesman, unless this is in some kind of middle school program).

Is a driver who rear ended another vehicle liable if the victim left the scene then returned later saying there is damage?

Well, the driver who hit the other vehicle would still be liable, but it would be a matter for insurance to pursue, not the police, since the 2nd driver left the scene. Certainly, leaving the scene creates a window of doubt with regard to the damage, but it's not really enough to get the at-fault driver off the hook.

Who is at fault if a car zooms into traffic from a parked position and hits another car?

Anytime a car is entering traffic from a parked position, it is that driver's responsibility to make sure that the lane is clear before moving into traffic. The driver of the car entering traffic would be at fault.

What are the new hand positions?

The new hand position for driving is considered to 9 and 3 as in the number position on a clock. The reason being that the old position of 10 and 2 would cause a driver a greater risk of fracture or harm with the deployment of an airbag.

Would you ever pursue to be an actress?