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Fashion Show ideas:

Well here they are.<3

Once you know you are going to have a fashion show you have to pick the people and the great theme for it.And great costumes.

Beach frontier

Jungle book

Try a Disney movie maybe?:)

A room of bright lights,and the models pretending that they are burning from the lights.

Puzzle walls and jigsaws a block (little kid play toys).

Babies theme.

Hair theme.

I guess that's all i can think of today, sorry, if you need more ideas contact me ro my email which is

Enjoy the unique themes;).


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Q: What would be a unique theme for a fashion show?
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Fantage fashion show themes?

the host chooses the theme

What is the theme song for the 90s show American shooter with Jim scoutten?

The theme music for 'American Shooter' is unique for its sampling of gunshots.

What are some theme names for a fashion show?

hakuna matata,daisy days,geekchic,hint a pink

How do you bring your pets to fashion shows fantage?

Hello Fantagian! To bring your pet in a Fashion Show you: 1. Enter a hosted Fashion Show 2. When theme selected, go to your inventory and click the 'pet' bar on top. 3. Select a pet right for the theme and good luck getting lots of points! :) -dawnrise on Fantage

How do you put you pet in a fashion show with you on fantage?

This is how you put your pet into the fashion show! Follow these steps: 1. Enter Fashion Show 2. When the theme is chosen, go to your inventory 3. on thr right side of your computer, you should see a bar that says " PETS " 4. click on any pet you want ( or the one that matches the theme ) 5. exit inventory 6. ENJOY!

What is a top fashion show?

a show that has 1. A common term for high fashion (unique stylish design made to order for wealthy and high-status clients usually in Milan Paris and New York).

What do you wear to a fashion show?

It would be appropriate to wear the fashion show's designer's clothes as a gesture to show your support. Track down the latest trends and developments in clothing; rather awkward if you end up in one without being updated. Fashion Shows are also perfect times to showcase newer styles of various genres of clothes, but put together intelligently so that they do not contrast the theme of the show in hand.

What is fashion planning?

Fashion planning is like,say if your having a fashion show and your have to plan it that would be called Fashion planning or if your a fashion designer you would need to plan the clothes.Anything that is involved with fashion and you have to plan for it that would be called Fashion Planning.

How do you spell fashion in fashion show?

Fashion Show

What are the values for fashion?

well, fashion helps you create your unique style since not everybody's style is the same, and fashion is a fun way to show people who you are and what you like, because you can probably tell what someone is like by the way that they dress.

What is the name for the style of makeup that models wear on the runway?

There is no particular "style" or name of the style used for makeup on runway models. Each fashion show requires a different theme or look so the makeup artists create looks as directed by the designers and/or fashion show director. If anything it can be catagorized as "high fashion" makeup.

How many models are in a fashion show?

12 models were in the fashion show