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Q: What word is most used in an debate motion or notion?
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What is the cloture rule?

It is is a motion or process aimed at bringing debate to a quick end, and is used to prevent a fillibust.

What is the most used law in the world in the laws of motion?

The most used law of motion is F=ma, the 2nd law of motion.

How do you use a knife?

When knives are thrown they are gripped at the tip of the blade and using a wrist flicking notion are spun towards the target. When knives are used as a weapon then they are usually used in a stabbing or slashing motion. In cooking they are used by gripping the knife and putting the blade in an up and down notion using your arm to lift it up and down to cut things.

What is the most common system of number notion used in today's world?

base-10 number system

Which is the most used UK parliamentary procedure?

The most used parliamentary procedure is for the ruling government to put forward a motion such as a change in the law which the house then votes on. If they win the vote the motion is passed.

What does a net mean in maths?

It is a generalization of the notion of a sequence used to define the notion of convergence in general topolopgy.

What is the most important device used to convert electricity into motion?

Magnets in a motor

Can the word debate be used as a noun and a verb in a sentence?

Yes. Noun: "We held a debate." Verb: "Let's debate that subject later."

What is a quilting notion?

I am assuming a notion to quilt. If you heard someone say they have a notion to quilt that could mean that they are wanting to make quilts, or want to start quilting etc. A quilting notion is something used in the creation of making a quilt. Threads, rulers, templates, making pens, etc are considered a quilting notion.

What is a onus?

It is sonething used in a debate.

What is implied motion in fine art?

The Futurist movement in art centers around the idea of capturing in one dimension the fast moving three-dimensional world. One of the techniques used by the Futurists and others was this notion of implied motion. The artists wanted to convey for the viewers the movement of a person or an object so they broke it down into many separate pieces to make it look like it is in motion.

Which motion is used in clock?

periodic motion