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The doctor will recommend the follwing:

1. Maintenance of a healthy and well balanced diet.

2. Good personal hygiene.

3. Application of a personal deodoriser.

For more information consult your General Practioner or your local Medical Advisor.

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Q: What will your GP recommend for excessive perspiration?
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What is excessive perspiration called?

Either "Excessive Perspiration" or, as my doctor called it, "over-active sweat glands" which is treatable.

Is diaphoresis real?

Yes, it's a medical term for excessive perspiration.

Can excessive perspiration from the nail effect the services a cosmetologist can perform on a client?


What is the medical term of condition of sweating?

The medical term is perspiration. Excessive sweating is hyperhidrosis.

What is the term meaning sweating excessively?

The medical term for excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosisHyperhidrosisThe condition of excessive sweating is called hyperhydrosis.Hyperhidrosis is the medical term meaning excessive perspiration.

What does diaphoresis mean?

Diaphoresis is a medical term used to refer to perspiration or sweating.

What is insensible perspiration?

Insensible perspiration is a perspiration that evaporates before it is perceived as moisture on the skin.

What does heat exhaustion result from?

Heat exhaustion is caused by exposure to high heat and humidity for many hours, resulting in excessive loss of fluids and salts through heavy perspiration.

When to perspiration?

The process of sweating. Example: why do we have perspiration mechanism?

Why might one perspire on one side and not the other?

I have never heard this one.TOTAL lack of perspiration on one side of the body all the time? I would recommend an Endocrineologist.

Can you give me a sentence for perspiration?

The perspiration was making dark patches on his shirt.

What organ gives off perspiration?

The lungs give off perspiration.