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start with one seed. regrow the earth. just like ted, the once-ler's new friend.

"unless someone like you who cares a whole awful lot, nothing is goning to get better. it's not."-dr.seuss (the lorax).

you can change the future

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Q: What will happen when the earth is bare and you still inhabit it?
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If a glacier recedes and exposes a bare rock what will happen next?

Lichen will colonize the bare rock

How did Bobby Bare's daughter die?

Bobby Bare is still alive.

What was early earth made of?

bare rock carbon dioxide atmosphere

What happen if you connect earth wire in place of neutral wire?

If there's no earth leakage protection unit in your main Distribution Board then the device will operate normally since the neutral and earth conductors are one on the supply side. But if there's Earth Leakage then because of the imbalance in the currents flowing through the Earth Leakage it will trap. What is called 'earth wire' in Europe is called 'ground' in the US and is often bare. Using a bare conductor as a neutral exposes you to potential shock. If the bare wire is properly connected at the panel, all is fine. But if you touch this bare neutral and provide a better grounding connection than the panel provides, you become part of the circuit to whatever device that circuit supplies. What is often missed in this scenario is that with the neutral being after the load, the load limits the current and your shock WILL NOT TRIP THE BREAKER.

Why its dangerous to touch a live wire while standing on earth bare footed?

Its dangerous to touch a live wire while standing on earth bare footed under such condition because the current flows easily from live wire to earth through your body.

What will happen if you apply crackle overcoat to bare nails?

it will crack the same it will on top of a nail polish.

Where the sea of tranquility?

The Sea of Tranquility is a bare smooth dusty area on Earth's Moon.

What is a bare life estate?

Can the remainder of a bare life estate transfers their remainder interest to another person while the life tenant is still alive.

How would the earth look without oceans?

Bare rock. We would not be able to see it. In fact there would be no life on Earth without water.

Is it possible to stand on the crust?

Whenever you set foot on the bare ground of the Earth, you are standing on the crust.

What will happen if you touch a beehive with your bare hands?

The beehive will shake from side to side, the bee's will get angry and they will come out to sting you.

Will the earth leakage relay protect me if i hold the bare neutral wire and then touch the bare live wire?

It definitely will NOT protect you because the ELR will not trip for a current going up the live and coming back down the neutral.