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Q: What will happen if you stay up to late?
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Would you rather stay up late or get up early?

Ofc! Stay up late!!

What is Tagalog for stay up late?

Nagpuyat is stayed up late nagpupuyat is staying up late magpupuyat will stay up late

When was Stay Up Late created?

Stay Up Late was created in 1985.

What happen if you stay up late get up early what happen to your brain?

Well Your brain wont have much power you will be super sleepy and its dangerous to drive so if you go to school and have a test you can fail it.

What is the phrase to sleep late called?

stay up late ...

How do you yawn easily?

Stay up late. (:

Does your stomach hurt if you stay up late?


Is it true that if you stay up late and sleep late it means you're smart?

No that is false

What happen to the late nineteenth and early twentieth century immigrants?

did not stay permanently in the United States.

How many people stay up late and play video games without parental connsent?

about 30000000000 (ramdom estimate) i know 100 people that stay up that late

How late should you stay up at a sleepover?

6:00 AM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

How late do prodigy like to stay up?