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well,there's no easy way to say this, but your either pregnant or your going through menopause, either its those two or i honestlydon't have an answer for you.

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Q: What will happen if you miss your period for a month and still hasn't had it for the next month yet?
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Can your period come on twice in one month with you tubes tied?

i am fix but can it still happen

What does it mean when your period was late last month and early this month?

It's a process of your egg system.. But this thing happen if you had sex before and then the peioed could wait longer than you expected. But still that doesn't mean your pregnant but it means it good not to have sex while your waiting for you period it's possible you period might wait for 2 or 3 month but it's still normal..

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Is is possible to get pregnant a couple weeks before your period but still get your period that month?

Yes it is possible. Some women have that happen. If you haven't seen a doctor I would suggest you go as soon as possible.

Do you have a period every other month when you've had a fallopian tube removed?

You will still have a period every month with one Fallopian tube.

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