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  • You lose stamina more easily
  • You have to wear larger sizes
  • People can nag you, especially family and significant others

    You get bloated, you die sooner and u jiggle

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Q: What will happen if you become fat?
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What may happen to your body if you eat junk?

you become fat.

What happen to blood pressure when arteries become block with fat?

your blood pressure begins to rise

What will happen if you don't excersise?

If you will not excersise everyday, you will grow fat and will become unhealthy. <3 RenziePinkAngel <3

What will happen if you go 70 days without food?

Depends how fat U are huny!

What are the steps taken to become fat?

The steps taken to become fat vary depending on why a person has become fat. In many cases the steps to become fat simply begin with eating more calories than you burn. Being sedentary and eating foods high in fat can also cause you to become fat.

What would happen if a person does not follow a healthy diet?

they will get muncus in there body fat and will become obeze therefore the organs will get destroyed such as the heart and exc.

Do you become fat by working out?

You don't. You become fat by eating lots of calories.

How do you become fat by working out?

You don't. You become fat by eating lots of calories.

Why are you fat?

You can become fat because of a medical condition. You can become fat if your food intake exceeds your energy output.

What if you overconsume the fat?

Then you will become fat yourself

When did Fat Princess happen?

Fat Princess happened in 2009.

What will happen if you eat to much?

you will get fat