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It is played by two people. They play with a hoop and two hooked poles.

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Q: What were the rules of Egyptian tug of hoop?
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How many players in Tug of war teams?

Standard rules call for eight per team. Please see the Related link below for link to rules on Tug of War Teams.

What do you do in the sport of tug of hoop?

Instead of being at "war", i.e. two teams, you are at "hoop". This means you all hold hands in a circle and run in a circular motion in a field of flowers in the beautiful European countryside while singing songs from the Lion King soundtrack.

Where can you find the rules to the ancient Egyptian snake game?

rules for snake Egyptian game there are not very many rules because people were unsure about the rules and they played the game a long long long time ago.

What is an Egyptian king?

An Egyptian king is somone who rules over Egypt and is very royal.

What were the rules for the game 'Tachli'?

THE rules are the same as basketball but the hoop is horizontal with a solid rubber ball and the team that loses at the end of the game will get sacrificed to the gods

Is Cleopatra Greek but she rules Egypt?

Cleopatra was an Egyptian.

Is using powder in tug of war bad?

Using powder on the rope may be restricted in some group's game of tug of war. Make sure to look into the rules and regulations of the game yo are participating in.

Does the Egyptian number system have rules?

Yes it does.100% accurate.

What are the rules of the Egyptian number system?

i need to know the answer anyone no?

Is it Tug-of-War or Tug-a-war?

It's "Tug-of-war". You can also use "Tug o' war."

An Egyptian ruler is?

An Egyptian ruler is the pharaoh, he was their king then and he sure was treated like one! orAn Egyptian ruler is someone who rules Egypt!by: snorkie1234 age:11 from: Elkton MD

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