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The major political idea tested during the 1920s was that of National Prohibition.

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Q: What were the main political ideas of the 1920s?
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The Bloc Quebecois is federal political party in the country of Canada. The main political ideas of the Bloc Quebecois are to protect the interests of Quebec and French heritage in Canada.

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absolutely nothing happened in the 1920s

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In what ways did the 1920s represent a reaction to the social and political agenda of the progressives?

The 1920s in the United States marked a time of great joy and spending following the end of World War I. It showcased progressive ideas as the culture of the country started to change and become more open to certain groups such as women.

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The political spectrum is a term for a range of political ideas from different parties. It is used for the majority parties. The ideas to the left are called "Liberal" and also, Democratic ideas. the ideas to the right are called "Conservative" and also, Republican ideas.

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