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I've read that most of the flight deck crew, Scobee, Smith, Onizuka, with the exception of Resnik were in identifiable condition aside from the severe trauma associated with impact and the ravages of salt water immersion for 3 months. Not pretty to say the least.

They think that from the condition that the crew compartment was found in, and using ballistics calculations that it impacted the ocean surface at a blistering 207MPH bottom first. As a result, the crew compartment was crushed upwards and out rendering the 3 occupants of the mid-deck, McAuiffe, Jarvis, and McNair to little more than unidentifiable remains among the debris. DNA identification was not available in 1986.

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Body parts were found of all the Astronauts

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Q: What were the condition of the challenger astronauts bodies when they were recovered?
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