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The Soviet Union's war in Afghanistan badly overstretched their military and demoralized their military.

The Soviet Union's economy was very inefficient. In trying to keep up with the West in the Cold War arms race, the Soviets spent themselves into the ground. They ran billions of rubles in annual deficits over several decades. Mikhail Gorbachev and his advisers had to implement broad economic reforms, towards capitalism, to try to prevent total economic breakdown.

In a parallel to the French Revolution, Gorbachev's attempted to reform gradually and only partially; it spiraled out of his control into a general collapse of the old Soviet system of government. In contrast to the French Revolution, Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin were able to control the collapse process well enough to prevent complete anarchy and economic chaos.

Four reasons and a Theory:

  1. Socialism failed economically - Economic Stagnation occurred, there were years without a reform
  2. Outside opposition (Capitalist countries) and Nationalism within the republics
  3. Competition with the West- They wanted equality with USA, but had no money
  4. Party officials were killed for personal gain, weakening the party
  5. Conspiracy theory - There are rumors that Gorbachev knew he would bring down the system.

US Influence

The United States of America manipulated the USSR economic system through sabotage and other negative activities towards the state and its economy, creating cracks which resulted into USSR breaking apart.

Loss of Satellite Economies

Growing dissatisfaction among the countries of Eastern Europe (and the fall of puppet regimes) meant that the USSR could not exploit those resources to prop up the union. This led to the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact beginning in 1989. The central government was then increasingly pressured by nationalist movements in the Ukraine, Caucasus, Georgia and outlying Asian states.

After the Berlin Wall was knocked down in 1989, this reunified Germany as one, but also started a revolution in USSR (Soviet Union). In 1991, Gorbechev was forced to give up his power after a coup (overthrow of the government), which was the official collapse of the Soviet Union, which became known as Russia.

Too Much Spending On The Military -Apex :P

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the united states became the only remaining global superpower

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Q: What were the causes of the collapse of the Soviet Union?
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