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i think it was invented in the 1200s i think it was invented in the 1200s

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Q: What were microscopes like when they were first invented?
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Why were microscopes invented?

Microscopes were invented to let people look at very small things, most notably water, and see what is in them. The first was invented in 1590, by two eyeglass makers (Hans Lippershey and Hans Janssen).

Where were microscopes invented?

the microscope was invented by Galileo in France .

Diagram of various types of microscopes invented?


When were microscopes first used?

Microscopes were first used in 1590 by Hans and Zacharias Janssen

What is the name of the first microscope invented?

The first microscopes were called "flea glasses" because they could provide increased observation of anything the size of a flea.

What are the different types of microscopes and who invented it?

Refer to related link.

Why were cells not observed before the 1600s?

Well, we can't see such tiny small things with just a naked eye. So they invented microscopes. The answer is because no microscopes were invented. The first person to build a microscope was Robert Hooke. In 1665 Robert Hooke observed a thin slice of cork through a microscope.

What was the first car invented like?

what was the first car what was invented like?

What are facts about light microscopes?

It was invented in 1876.Invented by Wilford look at small creatures.

What scientist invented the very first optical microscopes and was also the first person to view single-celled organisms living in pond water?

Anton van Leeuwenhoek

Why were electron microscopes invented?

The electron microscope was invented to study the microorganism's. It is beneficial for for studying the germs of different diseases.

What was the name of the first microscopes?

What was the name of the first microscope?

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