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carmal jackets

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Q: What were fashion trends in 1985?
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How do fashion trends end?

Well there are always new and latest fashion trends, so when a couple of fashion trends come after another it probably ends. and new trends will come out!

What were the fashion trends in June 2010? all fashion trends

Why do children tend to follow fashion trends?

Let me ask you this: why do adults tend to follow fashion trends?

Why do trends come back into fashion?

because it's named fashion. it's fashionable whatever the trends are.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of fashion and trends?


What fashion trends are popular 2014?

non-moto jackets and go-to jeans are the fashion trends that are popular in 2014.

How do fashion trends affect student?

I would have to say that fashion trends don't necessarily affect the students, because most fashion trends are made by them. Do you really see things on runways on teenagers. Runways are more for catching the eye of a rich person, and then luring them to their brand (which is usually not as crazy as the runways). Students are usually not as rich, and make their own styles and trends, so really they aren't affected by fashion trends, fashion trends are affected by them.

How do trends change?

In the fashion world trends can change in a moment. People like to follow trends of their favorite fashion stars, musician or actors. Leaders of the fashion world know this and give new trends to celebrities to wear then people follow suit.

What were fashion trends in the 1950s?

my mom!

Where would you look to find an article fashion trends?

You can find articles about fashion trends in fashion magazines, fashion websites, blogs, or even social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest. Additionally, websites like Vogue, Elle, or Harper's Bazaar often cover the latest fashion trends.

What were some fashion trends in the 1980's?

Two fashion trends in the 80s are neon colors and puffed shoulder jackets. Those trends are coming back for Fall 2009!!

What were the fashion trends for girls in 1988?

the fashion trends in 1988 were acid washed jeans and denim jackets. for moth men and women.