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RAF Sqd. 249 based in Malta was the TOP scoring Sqd. or the RAF

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Q: What was the top scoring RAF squadron of World War 2?
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How many pilots were in a World War 2 British squadron?

there were 100,000 RAF (royal air force) pilots in the World War II and 90,000 died in the war

Where was 178 Squadron based during WW1?

The 178 Squadron was based in the RAF. It was based in Egypt, Libya and Italy during the First World War. This squadron was involved in the operations that supported the Polish Home Army in Warsaw in 1944.

The plot of the 1964 film' 633 squadron ' was set during which war?

World War II- RAF ( British) beware. a very sordid plot- and a Custer Brigade of the Air type of ending!

What Royal Air Force squadron became known as the Dambusters?

Number 617 Squadron RAF became commonly known as the Dambusters. This is due to their actions during Operation Chastise against German dams during World War II.

What planes did the british RAF use in World War 2?

what planes did the British RAF use in World War 2

Who was the African American fighter squadron in World War 2?

black squadron

What is aircraft at World War 2?


How many planes are in a squadron?

The number of aircraft assigned to a squadron varies depending on the type of squadron and the nationality. For World War Two, most of the time: United States: Army Air Force-Fighter Squadron is 25+ Army Air Force-Bomber Squadron is 12 to 16 Navy Fighter Squdron is 16 to 32 Navy Dive Bomber, Torpedo Bomber or Scout Bomber Squadron is 12 to 18 Japan: Army Fighter or Bomber Squadron (Chutai) is 9 to 12 Navy Fighter or Bomber Squadron (Chutai) is 6 to 12 Great Britain: RAF Fighter Squadron is 12 RAF Bomber Squadron is 6 to 12 France 1939-1940: Army Fighter or Bomber Squadron (Escadrille) is 9 Germany: Luftwaffe Fighter Squadron (Staffel) is 12 Luftwaffe Bomber Squadron (Staffel) is 9

How many RAF pilots died in World War 2?

over 10,000 RAF pilots died in World War 2 70,000 RAF air crews and ground crews died

When was RAF Coastal Command during World War II created?

RAF Coastal Command during World War II was created in 1936.

What did the raf do in World War 2?

The RAF stopped the Germans bombing us during the day..

What was the first year America sent troops into world war 2?

1942. I do not know of any actions in December of 1941 post Pearl Harbor. Some Americans had been in the war though, they flew for the RAF for example in the Eagle Squadron.

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