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Q: What was the names of 1980 Hindi tv serials?
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Are 'Uravugal Thodarkadhai' and 'Anbaale Azhagana Veedu' Tamil TV serials remake of Hindi serials?

No, both the serials are dubbed versions of Hindi serials.

You want to act in TV serials?

yes i want to act in tv serials in hindi.

What do Zee TV serials actually do?

Zee TV serials are television shows online. Zee TV is an online platform for various TV Shows, serials, soaps and episodes of various Indian and Hindi television shows.

Which are the best tv serials ever?

Balika vadhu (colors) and buniyaad are the best serials ever.

Why in these days TV serials are regressive?

Presuming you are Indian and asking about Indian TV serials (because only Indian TV serials has become more and more regressive now a days), I have the same question. I too hate those pathetic regressive Indian TV serials depicting mother-in-law and daughter-in-law stories.

Influence of tv serials on ourlives?

Television serials were the logical successors to the radio serials. Most commonly referred to as Soap Opera's, the plot lines were usually an emotional with emphasis on personal relationships. They were once considered "Women's stories" because there were fewer women in the work force and housewives could spend the time watching serials. However, changing economic times, brought about the decline of television serials. Today, fans can watch serials on the internet.

What are the disadvantages of watching television serials?

*serials are the mode of consumerism. *Promotes violence Children were used for

What does a tv soap mean?

Long dramas/serials played on television

Who is the best actor in tv serials in starplus?

virat and manvi

What are the top ten TV serials in US?


Who are the real couples from television serials?

ankita lokhande and sushant

Where can you watch TV serials online?

You can watch TV serials online on your TV Channel website. Many TV channel websites provides online facility to enjoy favorite episodes free.