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Q: What was the name of the driver that caused the first accident?
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What was the name of the driver of the car that caused the first accident in th defensive driving video?


What is the name for the person on call that response to a car accident?

Tow truck driver.

What is the name of a kind of accident was tic or caused by a LIVING organism?


When involved in an accident you must provide the following information about yourself to the other driver?

the answer is all above Name, Address,Driver License Number

Who was the first caltrain driver?

The Caltrain began operation in 1987, but the name of the first driver is not listed.

Your uncle was driving a vehicle that is in your name and was in an accident The other driver hit him He has no insurance on the vehicle although he bought it from me. My policy is expired?

The driver who caused the accident is at fault. However, since that person has no insurance, you would have to sue them in court for damages. Chances are if they have no money for insurance they also will not have any money to pay a court fine or court ordered award to you. Since your policy expired, the total accident then becomes No Fault/No Fault for both parties and everyone walks away sustaining their own damages and the methods for financing their own repairs.

What is the name of french racing driver first name Alain?

Alain Prost

What is the first name of Nascar driver Blaney?

Dave Blaney.

What is the first name of the police driver in the simpons?

Chief Wiggam, Lou and Eddie. Lou is usually the driver

How do you find vehicle owners car insurance if the vehicle was being driven by someone other than the vehicle owner?

The owners name and address should be listed on the accident report as well as the driver of the vehicle and who was at fault in the accident.

Is there a name for the happening that takes place where traffic backs up when there is an accident caused by drivers slowing down to gawk?

This is called "rubbernecking delay."

You are the bus driver the first stop a man and his dog get on the bus along with a girl licking a lollipop the next stop a boy and his dad get on wearing his baseball clothes what is the drivers name?

You are the bus driver! The bus driver's name is your name!