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Q: What was the name of cordelia's housemate in the series angel?
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What is Cordelias name in veronica mars?

Assuming you mean Charisma Carpenter (who played Cordelia Chase in "Angel" and "Buffy"), her character's name in Veronica Mars is "Kendall Casablancas."

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Angel Peterson was given his name by his mother, who believed he was a special and pure-hearted child. The book "How Angel Peterson Got His Name" by Gary Paulsen tells the humorous story of how Angel's name leads to a series of amusing and unexpected situations in his life. Through a series of misadventures, Angel learns to embrace his unique name and the qualities that made his mother choose it for him.

What is the name of the series finale for the TV show 'Touched By An Angel'?

"I Will Walk With You"

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Engelbert Humperdink.

Michael Myer's sister was Laurie Strode what was her real name?

In the original series Laurie Strode's name was "Cynthia Ann Myers" and in the remake series it was "Angel Myers"

How Do You Talk to an Angel became a huge hit for what band which starred in a series of the same name?

The Heights

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The seventh Maximum Ride book is "Angel".

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Angel Wright's birth name is Angel Renteria.

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Angel Faith's birth name is Angel Marie Faith.

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