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to trade

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Q: What was the main purpose the Europeans came to gold coast?
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What is the history of Christianity in the Ghana Gold Coast?

Christianity in the Ghana Gold Coast began in the fifteenth century. The Europeans had brought the religion to the area when they came over.

What do names like Gold Coast suggest about Europeans' views toward their African colonies?

The europeans were so greedy that they wanted what the africans had. The gold,ivory, and slaves. The Africans were the most richest in gold, and europeans wanted that. The europeans wanted the gold so badly that they were envios and greedy.

Why did Europeans came to live in Mexico?

They were in search of God, gold an glory.

Who was Don Diego de Azambuja?

He was the leader of the Portuguese who came to the coast of gold coast

the very first school that the europeans establish in gold coast were called?

Christiansborg Castle School

Why did people on the east coast come to California?

people came for gold

10 reasons why the europeans came to gold coast?

Europeans came to the Gold Coast (now known as Ghana) for a number of reasons, including: To explore and expand the European trading empire; To seek out and exploit the region’s natural resources; To increase their political and economic power; To convert the local population to Christianity; To gain access to new markets for their goods; To find new sources of labor for their plantations; To find new sources of gold and other minerals; To establish new trading posts and ports; To exploit the region’s strategic location; and To find new sources of wealth.

What do names like gold coast suggest about europeans reviews towards their African colonies?

That the parts they live in are perfect to have ;).

Who were the first Europeans to set up forts along the coast of Tanzania and trade gold ivory and slaves?


What different ethnic groups came to California in The Gold Rush?

South Americans, Chinese, Europeans

The Chinese came to America because?

For the very same reason men from the east coast came to the west coast (California) in 1849...GOLD! The Chinese were part of the California Gold Rush of '49. California was not a state in 1849.

What Was Ghana Called Before 1957?

the gold coast