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According to Guiness, 13.3 seconds in 1932 by Evar Swanson at Columbus, OH.

According to Ken Burns' "Baseball" - Inning 5 Chapter, James "Cool Papa" Bell rounded the bases in 11 seconds.

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Back when I was a kid, they stated that Mantle ran down the bases, home to 1st in 3.1 seconds. This was hand timed by the way. Vida Pinson was also timed at the speed.

Mantle was one of the best, if not the best, drag bunters ever. So he was doing the same thing as Ichiro, and he was timed by hand, which also counts for a faster time. Pinson was timed the same way, drag bunting, and both their times were 3.1. If they were timed today, their time would be a little slower using the timers we have today.

Just think, Bob Hayes was the fastest human in 1964 Olympics and he won every NFL 40 yard dash except for one, when they had the fastest NFL player in indoor track meets around the country. The hand time was around 4.2.

Mantle & Pinson both had several feet short of 30 yards (90 feet) while drag bunting out of the batters box.

Here's what I found:

Sporting News, Sept. 3, 1952.

Lefty Batters Running To 1B.

Time Runner

3.1--Mickey Mantle, Yanks

3.2--Mickey Mantle, Yanks

3.3--Mickey Mantle, Yanks

3.4--Mickey Mantle, Yanks

3.4--Gil Coan, Senators

3.5--Mickey Mantle, Yanks

3.6--Gene Woodling, Yanks

3.7--Larry doby, Indians

3.7-- Dale Mitchell, Indians

3.9--Jim Rivera, White Sox

3.9--Mickey Vernon, Senators

Righty batters runing To 1B

Time Runner

3.5--Mickey Mantle, Yanks

3.6--Phil Rizzuto, Yanks

3.6--Jim Busby, Senators

3.7--Johnny Groth, Tigers

3.7--Gil McDougald, Yanks

3.8--Bobby Avila, Indians

3.8--Al Federoff, Detroit

3.9--Jackie Jansen, Senators

3.9--Hank Bauer, Yanks

4.0--Billy Martin, Yanks

4.0--Allie Reynolds, Yanks

Also, as for acceleration, here is some data from Maurice Greene's 1997 World Championships victory...

Maurice Greene could get there in 3.20 seconds. Without a starting gun, about 3.05 seconds. And with a tailwind of only 4 mph, about 3.00 seconds.

Here's another list:

All times from the left side

Mantle was clocked at 3.1 (fastest documented time in MLB)

Bo Jackson was timed at 3.2 (3.65 from the right side)

Deion Sanders was timed at 3.3

Ralph Garr was timed at 3.3 (unconfirmed 3.2)

Rick Manning was timed at 3.3 (ran a 9.8 100 yard dash in High School)

Miguel Dilone was timed at 3.3

Mickey Rivers was timed at 3.4

Willie Wilson was timed at 3.6 and 3.7

Ichiro was timed at 3.7 seconds

Reggie Jackson (in his early days) was sub 4.0 down the line. ( he stated 3.8)

Michael Bourn of the Atlanta Braves was timed in 2012 at 3.6 seconds from a normal bunt to first.

Source - "This Week In Baseball: Player Poll - Quickest Player In Mlb"

No doubt about it, Mantle had wicked speed. The closest documented times to his were by Bo Jackson, who had one advantage...he didn't run in baggy pants like Mantle did. That WILL slow you down.

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The fastest is around a 2.5 home to 1st time

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My kid just did it in 2.7

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The fastest baseball ever thrown in a real b ball game was a throw to first base recorded at a speed of 113 mph. ( that is what i heard)

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Q: What was the fastest time by a MLB player running to first base?
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What was the fastest time by a MLB player running to third base?

Quinnton berry, 12 seconds

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When is it considered runner interference or running out of the base-path by a runner on third base?

The "Running Lane" Rule applies ONLY to runners going to first base, and the lane is only a guide. If a player intentionally interferes with a fielder while running to first, he is out no matter WHERE he may be. If he is hit by the thrown ball, he is out if he is outside the lane, but safe unless the ump rules INTENTIONAL interference. There is no comparable running lane violation for third base. HOWEVER, any player (or coach or manager) who, at any point of running the bases, INTENTIONALLY interferes with a fielder making a play, is out for interference. This can include deliberately running in such a way as to obstruct a throw to home.

In baseball if you hit the ball and you are running to first base and the pitcher puts the ball on any other base besides first base are you out'?

No, they have to touch first base.

What base did babe Ruth touch for luck when running from outfield?

first base

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yes but definitely not its most efficient base runner

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How far from third base to first base in softball?

if your running the bases it is 120 feet

Time for player go from home plate to 1st base?

Who is running on the play? It always depends on which player it is...

Who was the fastest runner to reach first base in baseball?

Mickey Mantle in 3.1 seconds.