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To most African Americans the Civil War was a way to become free from slavery. After the Civil War blacks would no longer have to be in slavery, and this is why many African Americans signed up to fight for the Union army. They found this war as an opportunity to have rights, and become a citizen. African Americans fought to show that they did have loyalty to the North.

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Q: What was the civil war to most African Americans?
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How did African-Americans participate in the Civil War?

How did the African Americans participate in the Civil War.

Which political party did the African Americans vote for after the civil war?

After the Civil War, most African Americans voted Republican because Abraham Lincoln was of that political party.

What did African Americans do after civil war was over?

After the Civil war, most African Americans became very low paid servants, and were still very poorly treated.

How Many African Americans Died In the Civil War?

There was aproximately 180,000 African Americans who died in the civil war

Which did African Americans control first after the Civil War?

After the Civil War African-Americans controlled churches first.

Did African Americans fight in the civil war?

African Americans there were in the North did fight in the Civil War. This was because African Americans were fighting against the people who enslaved them.

Where there any African Americans in the civil war?

Yes. There is a link below to an article on the history of African Americans in the Civil War.

What was going on with African Americans doing during the civil war?

the african americans were still in slavery during the civil war

When did African Americans get their civil rights?

After the civil war! (;

What was the most important gain for African Americans after the civil war?

access to education

What did MOST enslaved African Americans do during the Civil War?

worked on plantations

How did African Americans contribute to the US Civil War?

African Americans fought in the US Civil War, and they spoke out against slavery.

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