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Q: What was the average weight of an NFL lineman in 1960?
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How many times does the average NFL lineman bench 225?

The most EVER by a NFL lineman is 49 repetitions, by Stephen Paea 2011.

What is the average age of an NFL lineman?


Average weight of an NFL tight end?

The average weight of an nfl tight end is 230-250 pounds.

What is the average weight for linebackers in the NFL?

The Average weight and height of a NFL linebacker is 6'2 and 235 lbs hardest players in the GAME!

What is the average lifespan for an NFL Lineman?

46...heart disease and arthritis take over in early 30's

How much does a NFL linemen earn?

The salary of an NFL lineman after four seasons of football can vary. Each NFL team has a certain budget they adhere to so it depends on their specific budget.

What is the average height and weight of an nfl ol?

The average height is 6'4" and weight is 290 lbs

What is the body fat percentage of the typical NFL offensive linemen?

In the 2007 NFL Combine, the offensive lineman average was somewhere between 21% and 24% body fat. However, the lowest body fat percentage was somewhere near 16%. The fattest offensive lineman was just above 30%.

What is the fastest 40 an NFL lineman has ever run?

The fastest 40-yard dash time recorded for an NFL lineman is 4.65 seconds, achieved by Lane Johnson at the 2013 NFL Combine.

What is the average weight of an NFL player?

There is not an average weight, per se, of a NFL player. Rather, there is an ideal weight for each position. There is a lot more than that, but the NFL Draft reports do a great job of comparing the current crop of NFL prospects. The lists is compiled by numerous scouts and analysts, and the majority of the official results are derived annually at the NFL Combine. The "average" or tiers of prospects are classified into "measurables" like weight, height, strength, speed, agility, football IQ and crazy things like medical history and so forth. Then there are "un-measurables", like drive and determination. It shows that "averages" in the NFL are really only statistics to begin an evaluation. And like any investment's prospectus, the info isn't always worth the paper its printed on, so there is no guarantee.

What NFL defensive lineman has most touchdowns?

doug martin

What cleats does Chris Samuals NFL lineman wear?