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17570 Brookhurst Street

Fountain Valley, CA 92708 Site moved out after consolidating to Seattle in 2001 I think if you contact Safeco's main or home office they may be able to assist you don't say if this is a company office or an agent, but I would start there, I have found this office, in CA for you, try calling them first: Southwest Region

120 Vantis, Suite 130

Aliso Viejo, CA 92656-2676

(949) 860-6000

(888) 306-9137

Get Directions good luck

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Q: What was the address of Safeco Insurance Company of Fountain Valley CA in 1990?
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Is Safeco insurance a good insurance company?

Safeco insurance is a member of the Liberty Mtual Group, which is a very reputable company. Safeco provides insurance coverage options for automobiles, homes, and businesses.

What is the naic number number for safeco insurance company?

The NAIC number for Safeco Insurance Company of America, domiciled in Keene, New Hampshire, is 24740. "Safeco Insurance" has multiple different underwriting companies, each of which has a different NAIC number, all of which are listed on the Safeco Insurance website.

What are some packages offered by Safeco insurance company?

There are many different packages offered by the Safeco Insurance Company. Safeco is popular among consumers due to the many different combinations offered.

Who bought out American states life insurance?

Safeco Life Insurance Company

Can you view your history with Safeco Insurance Company of America?

I want to view my payment history with Safeco. My homeowner policy # is OZ4247785

Who is the registered agent for safeco insurance?

Safeco Insurance Company is represented by Independent Insurance Agents who contract with them. If you purchased insurance from Safeco then you did so through an Independent Agent. Unless you changed your agent for some reason such as moving to another area the original agent would still be your agent or at least the agency would still be who you would go to for assistance. I know this because I am an Independent Agent who represents Safeco Insurance Company and am proud to represent such a fine company for many years.

Address of safeco ins co in il?

Safeco Insurance 2800 W Higgins Rd # 1100 Hoffman Estates, IL 60169

How does one go about getting an auto quote through the Safeco Insurance Company?

In getting an quote from Safeco Insurance Company, they must specify auto insurance as their desired type and provide their zip code. You must then provide information about yourself and the potential drivers of your vehicles, what your vehicles are, and what your current insurance is. Once this information is submitted, Safeco provides you a quote.

What is the Safeco Insurance Company of Illinois 5 digit code for Florida?


Who is the CEO of Safeco Auto Insurance?

Safeco is a national insurance company specializing in auto insurance, as well as personal liability and homeowners insurance. The CEO for the company is currently Paula Rosput Reynolds. She took over after former CEO Mike McGavick left to pursue a career in politics.

Is the Safeco Insurance company a reliable company?

Yes, Safeco Insurance is a very reliable company. They have been in operation for quite some time now which is a reassurance to their customers. In addition to this, you can get additional information regarding this company if you are interested, by contacting the Better Business Bureau in your particular country.

Is safeco insurance really considered safe?

According to most reviews, Safeco insurance is considered to be a safe, reliable insurance agency, offering various insurance policies on cars, houses and more. There have been no reports on it being an unsafe company.