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Yankees starting lineup 2009:

1. Derek Jeter SS 2. Johnny Damon LF 3. Mark Teixeira 1B 4. Alex Rodriguez 3B 5. Hideki Matsui DH 6. Jorge Posada C 7. Robinson Cano 2B 8. Nick Swisher RF 9. Melky Cabrera

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Q: What was the New York Yankees starting lineup in 2009?
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What was the New York Yankees 1956 starting lineup?

1956 New York Yankees Opening day Starting Lineup(4/17/56)Bauer rfLumpe ssMantle cfBerra cSkowron 1bMartin 2bHoward lfCarey 3bLarsen p

Who was the New York Yankees second baseman in 2009?

In 2009, Robinson Cano was the starting second baseman for the Yankees.

What was the starting lineup for the New York Yankees in 1960?


What was the 1960 New York Yankees starting lineup?

kupeck Richardson Boyer Marris Mantle Skowron Lopez Berra Ford

Which year did the Yankees lineup have the famous nickname Murderers' Row?

1927 New York Yankees

Who is pitching for the Yankees on Saturday August 08 2009 4.10?

C.C. Sabathia was the starting pitcher for the New York Yankees on August 8, 2009.

Who did Lou Gehrig replace in the lineup to establish his New York Yankees career?

Wally Pipp

Who was the manager of the New York Yankees in 2009?

Joe Girardi was the Yankees manager in 2009.

Who was the 2009 New York Yankees first baseman?

The 2009 New York Yankees first baseman was Mark Teixeira.

Who was in the starting lineup for the first game of the 2001 World Series for the New York Yankees?

Game 1 starting lineup - Knoblauch LF Jeter SS Justice RF Williams CF Martinez 1B Posada C Soriano 2B Brosius 3B Mussina P

Who was in the yANKEES starting lineup in the World Series of 2000?

The Starting lineup for the New York Yankees in game 1 of the 2000 World Series against the Mets was:Chuck Knoblauch DHDerek Jeter SSDavid Justice LFBernie Williams CFTino Martinez !BJorge Posada CPaul O'neill RFScott Brosius 3BJsoe Vizcaino 2BStarting Pitcher: Andy Pettitte

What is the most scary MLB lineup -as in most good?

The Texas Rangers, New York Yankees, or the Phillies

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