What was michelangelos IQ?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Michelangelo lived during the Renaissance Period of Italy in the mid through late 1400's wich was centuries before the IQ test was invented in 1912 by American psychologist Lewis Terman . However, his Intelligence Quotient has been estimated by Scientist along with many other great painters and sculptors of his time, scoring a definitive 180 wich sets him in the profoundly intelligent category as the average IQ is set at approximately 100, However it should be noted that having an extremely high IQ does not necessarily make you a better person with average intellect if you do not use your mental capabilities to their full advantage. To me a true genius is someone who goes beyond the narrow confines of an IQ test

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Q: What was michelangelos IQ?
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What was michelangelos jobs?

Painting, sculpting and architecture.

What was michelangelos wife called?

Michelangelo didn't have a wife.

Which of michelangelos is a metaphor for courage determination and strength?


Michelangelos composition in The Flood focuses on what?

Human Drama

Who is michelangelos mom?

His mum's name was Francesca di Neri

What was michelangelos occupations?

He was a sculptor, a painter and an architect.

What is the name of the chapel were the paintings of michelangelos paintings can been seen?

The Sistine Chapel

What was michelangelos motivation?

Love for the art and doing a good job for those who commissioned him to work.

Michelangelos early works were influenced by a study of what other artists?

giotto and masaccio (.apex)

What has the author Carolyn Swetland written?

Carolyn Swetland has written: 'Maximal utgang' 'Michelangelos fange'

Who built michelangelos tomb stone?

Michelangelo's tomb was designed by Giorgio Vasari, Florentine artist.

What one of Michelangelos pieces is most famous?

Sistine chapel. I have seen it 3 times and it is truly magnificant.