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If you really want to see what the fashions and music and art were like I suggest you watch the movies made during the wartime. There are probably a hundred movies you could see. There are books in the Library too. Hair was curled in curlers and worn curly and wavy. Straight hair on women was curled but the young girls had their hair braided. Some of the women braided their hair too. Many women had short, wavy or curly hair. The men had the hairstyle with the left hand part and it would be consider cut close to the head. Men wore suits, women wore dresses and no pants unless doing manufacturing for the war effort. Kids: The girls wore dresses and sometimes pants or shorts. Boys wore striped tee shirts or button down shirts with blue jeans and sneakers. The girls wore Mary Jane dress shoes or sneakers. Music was the swing band style music like Tommy Dorsey did. Women wore aprons over their dresses when they worked in the house. Some wore them from the time they got up until they changed into nightgowns or flannel pajamas. Many people fashioned themselves after the Hollywood stars.

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Q: What was life like in World War 2 in fashion music culture art etc?
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