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Q: What was his good and bad sides?
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Where can you find a Christian website that talks about the good AND bad sides of Pokemon?

what bad sides

Was Bill Clinton a bad person?

He had his bad and good sides just as anyone else does.

Is it better to be a good guy or a bad guy in a story?

I feel that it is good to be anyone in the story as long as you have strong lines that are important. This is coming from both sides of the question; good and bad!

Write a persuasive report looking at both sides of an issue?

good or bad? For example: Are video games good or bad. (my parents thing it's bad, but i think its fun and helpful.)

What were the 2 sides of World War 1 called?

The good guys (Us) and the bad guys(Them)

What was good bad about Jamestown's and location?

one advantage was that they were surrounded on three sides by water and one by swamp

What is the good and the bad sides of hacking?

The good side is you can find out business information and as well as some personal information and the bad side is its against the law. You will be lock up for the case of cyber crime.

Is marine science good or bad?

It depends on the mentality of the user or consumer. On the right hands, science is good and a boon to society. But on the false hands, it is bad and a curse to society. But even if on the right hands, science can be bad, like a coin has two sides.

Detail of good posture and bad posture?

Good posture is when your back is straight, arms to your sides, feet flat on the floor. Bad posture is slumped in your chair, arms across your stomach, and barely opening your lungs.

Why is it that some people who are good at math bad at English?

some people are good with numbers then words They use opposite sides of the brain. Left for maths and right for language.

Are home manager jobs beneficial?

In my opinion, I think that home manager jobs have both sides, a bad side and a good side. The good side is that you work from home, but the bad side is that you dont get the benefit of speaking to your workers as often as you would.

Why does the media focus on the bad sides of people?

the media focuses on the bad sides of people because they want the viewer to get a bad sense of perception of them. and by doing so, the viewers send out a bad vibe of that person.