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Q: What was david ruffin net worth when he died?
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What was david ruffin net worth?


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David Koch has a net worth of about 51.5 billion as of May 2014.

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Is david ruffin the brother to Garfield Fleming?

To all concerned, This is not the first time this question has come up on the 'net since William Hart started introducing his fellow Delfonic as "David Ruffin's brother," and with a "David Ruffin, Jr." out there, I can understand the confusion. As far as I know, there is no relation between the late David Ruffin and Garfield Flemming, who does an excellent David Ruffin, and along with his partner, Johnny Johnson were the best post 1975 line-up ( though Frank Washington was no joke either! ) William needs to get rid of them off-tone twins and bring the two of them back . . . they are a disgrace! As for David Ruffin, Jr., he really is David Ruffin's son, though he his not from his wife. He sings as well and has his own "My Space " site. - Mr. Motown.

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200 million

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