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Lena Horne's net worth is not public.

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Q: What was Lena Horne's net worth?
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What was Lena hornes career life?

lena hornes career life was being an actress,a singe and dancer that is all i know

What is Lena horne net worth?

Lena Horne had a net worth of an estimated $315,000. She passed away in February of 2011 with her previous estimated value being $100,000.

What is Lena hornes children names?

Gail Lumet Buckley and Edwin Jones.

How much is Lena Headey's net worth?

According to TMZ today, she has less than $5 in her bank account.

When was Principality of Hornes created?

Principality of Hornes was created in 1677.

When was Moritz Hornes born?

Moritz Hornes was born in 1815.

When did Moritz Hornes die?

Moritz Hornes died in 1868.

What year was mrs hornes born?

Mrs. Camille Hornes was born in 1954.

Who is Lena Hornes son?

Gail Lumet Buckley is the daughter of great Lena Horne. She is journalist and author whose articles have appeared in Vogue Magazine (USA) and The Los Angeles Times (CA, USA); Buckley has researched and authored two books "The Hornes: An American Family" (New American Library, 1986) and "American Patriots: The Story of Blacks in the Military from the Revolution to Desert Storm" (Random House, 2001). She had a son Terry Jones but he died.

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