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Most likely green but any color he wanted...And that color was probably green.

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Q: What was Hermes the Greek God's eye color?
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What eye color did the Greek God Hermes have?

Whatever he chose to make it.

What color eye did Aphrodite have?

Greek gods and goddesses could change their appearances, including eye color.

What color is hades eyes?

Greek gods and goddesses could change their features and bodies at will, including eye color.

What color eyes did the greek goddess hecate have?

Greek myth does not give Hecate a eye color.

What is sarpedon eye color?

It isn't told in Greek myth.

Was Mercury named after a god?

Hermes (Mercury) - messenger of the gods. He was given this honor because of his fleetness - he is usually pictured as having wings on his feet. The smallest planet, which zips around the sun once every 88 days, was named Mercury for this reason.

What is the color of the eyes of the greek god Poseidon?

Poseidon can change his eye color as well as shape shift.

Greek god Zeus?

Well if you want to know who Zeus is then he's the Greek god if the sky, ruler of all gods, and he's known for his "wandering eye".

What was Apollo the Greek god's eye color?

The Greeks did not give mythological deities eye colors, as being immortal they could change such an appearance.

How tall was Jupiter the Roman God?

The Gods were were never given appearances as minute as the height, weight, eye color, etc.

What was the colour of the Artemis the greek goddesses eyes?

Artemis like any Greek deity, could change her physical appearance including eye color.

What colour eyes does Persephone?

Persephone, being a Greek goddess, may change her appearance (thus eye color) at will.