What was GM stock price 1970?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What was GM stock price 1970?
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GM Stock price in 1984?

GM stock price in 1984 was- $73.9375 a share.

What was the stock price of GM stock in November 1966?

What was the stock price of GM stock in November 1966?Read more:What_was_the_stock_price_of_GM_stock_in_November_1966

What was the closing price for GM stock on Feb 1 1982?

What was the price of GM stock on May 17, 1989?

What is the price of GM Stock now?


What was GM highest stock price?

In 2000 GM stock peaked at $100 per share. That is the highest I can remember.

What was he stock price of General Motors GM in 1966?


What was the Ford and GM stock price October 29 1929?


What is the current price per share for GM stock?

2 dollars per share

What was wal-mart stock price at 1970 ipo offering?


What is the price of gm stock in 1989?

Split adjusted, the stock of GM was 41.13 on 1/3/1989 and 42.25 on 12/29/1989. The price ranged from 39.13 - 50.50. A 3 for 2 stock split occurred on 3/29/1989. Use Yahoo Finance's 'Historical Prices' link for a particular stock to recover prices as they were on that date (not split adjusted).

Where might one go to learn more about the GM stock price?

The General Motors stock price can be viewed online on dedicated stock market websites for the latest, up to date, stock market price. Alternatively, most major broadsheet newspapers will feature reviews of stock market prices for major companies.

What was the stock price of GM stock in 1996?

Adjusted it looks like it was trading between 25 and 30 USD most of the year. _____________________