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Albert Einstein did not have a middle name.

According to the collected papers of Albert Einstein, box 224, on file at Princeton University, Einstein had no middle name. His birth certificate read:*

Birth Certificate

Ulm, 15 March 1879

Before the undersigned registrar appeared today,

in person known

the merchant Herman Einstein**

residing in Ulm Bahnhofstrasse B. No. 135

of Israelite religion, and reported that to

Pauline Einstein née Koch

his wedded wife

of Israelite religion

who lives with him

in Ulm in his residence

on the fourteenth of March of the year

one thousand eight hundred seventy-nine in the morning

at half-past eleven o'clock a child of male

sex has been born, which was given

the first name Albert

Read, approved and signed

Hermann Einstein



* The birth certificate format has been modified due to the limitations of this website; italicized words were written, regular words, printed.

** The Registrar misspelled Hermann's name on the form.
"Albert" <--- hes lying the real answer is none check his papers

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Q: What was Albert Einstein's middle name?
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