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Q: What warms and moisten inhaled air?
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What substance does the body use to moisten inhaled air?


Can you get frostbite in your lungs?

You cannot get frostbite on your lungs -- your nose and throat warms inhaled air, while circulating blood warms the lungs.

What is the job of the sinus?

The purpose of the sinuses is unclear, they may help to humidify the air we breath or they may enhance our voices.

What is the purpose of the mucous membrane and cilia in the trachea?

Mucous membranes and cilia in the trachea trap and eliminate particulate matter from inhaled air. The membranes also warm and moisten incoming air.

What in the respiratory system warms and moistens inhaled air?

The epithelium of the respiratory tract contains mucous cells which adds moisture and there are blood vessels close to its' surface that add warmth to the air.

Is inhaled air warm?

Inhaled air will be of ambient temperature. If the surroundings are warm, then inhaled air is warm. If surroundings are cold then inhaled air is cold.

How does your nose protect you from infetion?

The nose warms and humidifies inhaled air. The mucus and cilia (tiny hairs) lining the nasal passages trap particles, including bacteria, that cause infection.

Is air inhaled through the mouth is as clean as the air inhaled through the nose?

Air inhaled through the mouth is not as clean as air inhaled through the nose. Reason for this is that when we inhale air through our nose than it get filtered by hair present in our nose. But air inhaled through our mouth goes directly in without any filtration.

Where is inhaled air moistened and warmed?

Inhaled air is warmed and moistened in the nasopharynx and oropharynx.

Do the Nasal conchae mainly work on inhalation to warm and moisten air?

Conchae in your nose greatly increase the surface area of the nose. They have got rich blood supply. When air passes through your nose, it come in contact with the inner surface of the nose. That warms up the air.

Does Mucus helps moisten warm and filter the air as it enters the nose?

True Mucus helps moisten warm and filter the air as it enters the nose.

What is the function of the nasopharynx?

It's the part of the pharynx (area at the back of the throat) which connects with the nasal passages. Its specific function is simply to allow air passage effectively through it, in either direction. It mechanically filters, moisturizes, and warms inhaled air.