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Q: What volume of NaOH was used in the titration?
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What happened if some solution splashes out during the titration of NaOH?

If some solution splashes out during the titration of NaOH, the volume at the end point will be wrong.

Which indicator is used in titration of naoh and h2so4?

Methyl orange

Why only potassium biphthalate is used for standerdization of NaOH?

acid-base titration

Why Gycerol is used for the titration of NaOH with Borax?

cuz' borax contain boric acid (H3BO3) which is very weak acid , thus it gives non accurate titration, so we add neutral glycerol to increase the acidity by the way we add glycerol after titration of NaOH not before

When NaOH is diluted to half of its original concentration what affect does this have on titration?

It should take just exactly twice the volume to reach the balance point.

Why is it necessary to standardize the NaOH solution before titration?

It allows the concentration of the NaOH to be known.

If 20.0 mL of 150 M NaOH are used in a titration how many moles of NaOH are used?

150 M NaOH = 150 mole / liter 20.0 mL = 0.0200 L 150 * 0.0200 = 3 moles

What is the molarity of the aqueous NaOH?

This depends on the mass of NaOH dissolved in 1 L water.

Why it is necessary to cap the buret and minimize the CO 2 absorption from the NaOH solution. How will this affect your results?

When sodium hydroxide absorb carbon dioxide sodium carbonate is formed. But we need a defined mass (volume) of NaOH for a titration.

Standardisation of naoh solution in titration with citric acid?

the standard solution in the above titration is citric acid because out of citric acid and naoh only citric acid can be obtained in purest frem while naoh is hygroscopic in nature

In HCl and NaOH titration which indicator is used?

Phenolphthalein indicates red for acids and blue for bases.

What is the dependent variable in a titration?

The volume of the base used in the titre.