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grape,cream,orange,and coke

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Q: What types of soda have the worst effect on your body?
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Which soda has the worst effect on teeth?

all of them so dont drink it

What is the worst soda?

There is no worst soda. All of them are bad.

Which soda is worst for you teeth in US?

cream soda is the worst

Can you die from swimming in soda?

Technically, no. It does not effect the body and it does not the make genitals poisoned. Soda will not contaminate the body or make body deathly ill. But if too much soda is ingesting while swimming, death may occur. The risk is not high, but still unhealthy.

What is the worst soda for your teeth?

coca cola

What is the effect of china rose on soda water?

effect of backing soda on china rose solution

What are the worst liquids to get on your car?

I believe it would be soda.

What effect will soda have on candy?

which candy with cause soda exposion

How many types of baking soda are there?

The types of baking soda are paste, powder and i think that's about it.

Should you avoid soda?

Soda is not "good" for you because it is not very healthy and has alot of fat in it . The sugar is the worst part that makes soda "unhealthy"

Does soda effect your brain?

Yes. Soda can effect your brain because it contains sugar and dissolved carbon dioxide.

Does baking soda have any carcinogenic effect?

No, baking soda does not have a carcinogenic effect. There is research being done on baking soda as a aid in the treatment of certain cancers.