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Q: What types of preventive measures can be used and which ones work better than others?
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What is the traditional types of school administration and supervision?

preventive ,creative scintific

How to Get Ideal Home Loans?

There are many different types of home loans available to borrowers. Some loans are better for certain types of borrowers, while others are better for certain neighborhoods.

What are the different types of maintenance systemst?

4 types reactive- response to equipment malfunction preventive- periodic checks predictive- periodic measurements and trending of equipment process prevention- equipment design is based on minimal maintenance requirements

Which type of Intrusion Detection System can only take logging and alerting types of actions when an attack is identified?

Passive SystemsA passive intrusion detection sensor detects and potential security breach, logs the information and signals an alart on the console, but does not take any preventive measures to stop the attack.

Why is HDI better than GDP?

it is better because it measures the life expectancy index, education index and the income index and square roots it by the power of 3. it is taking in account several types of indexs and getting an average (kind of!)

What types of angles has the total measures of 180 degrees?

They are supplementary angles

Why are some people considered better looking than others?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And it is only skin deep. It is a matter of personal choice, of aesthetics I suppose. But certain types of people are considered better looking than others by most people, and it's about how we see the qualities of certain types of feature and shape and form. It is both an individual & collective consiousness.

What are disc brakes?

Disk brakes & drum brakes are very different but then again there are different types for different types of cars. Some are better than others on certain cars. But then again it depends on your car type.

What is an example of a non-count noun?

Both milk and water are non count nouns. You can count the glasses of water or the containers of milk; you can count the measures of water or milk but you can't count the milk or water itself.

What economics indicators measures a specifics types of economics activity?

Retail sales.

What are six types of measures?

inches, feet, gallons, centimeters, millilitters, and liters

How many types of clinometer are there?

clinometer is the device which measures angle w.r.t to gravity