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I may miss a few... All humans have certain types of body fluids, such as:

  • saliva (oral secretions)
  • digestive fluids
  • blood and blood by-products
  • urine
  • vaginal fluids
  • semen and pre-ejaculate
  • ordinary sweat
  • breast milk (female and near to term or after delivery)

In illness, body secretions can also include:

  • nasal drainage into the throat
  • profuse sweating or cold sweats, such as in complications from Diabetes mellitus
  • lung congestion and productive cough (mucous)
  • wound drainage
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • abscess drainage (teeth or skin)
  • urinary infection
  • fluid seepage from skin or wounds, such as in full-thickness burns
  • fluids from open skin cysts; from herpes; etc.
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Q: What types of bodily fluids do all humans have?
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What fluids are studied in chemistry tests?

All the types of fluids !

Because of its what water is an excellent solvent and forms the basis of mucus and other body what?

"other bodily fluids" (blood, urine, etc.)

Can a person catch aids from another person but not through blood?

Yes, any bodily fluids, spit, blood, sexual fluids all can transmit the Aids virus.

Provides the basis for body fluids of all types?

water provides the basis for body fluids of all types :) -darlene de la rosa2992

What water is an excellent solvent and forms the basis of mucus and other body?

Water forms the basis of all bodily fluids such as blood, lymph, digestive fluids, bile, mucous, tears, etc.

Pancreatic enzymes digest all types of fluids after they are secreted into the?


What practice assumes that all blood and certain body fluids pose a risk for transmission of HIV?

The practice known as universal precautions makes the assumption that those bodily fluids pose a risk for transmission of HIV.

Do fishes get any disease?

yes, like us humans, fish can get all sorts of bodily malfunctions.

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Is it illegal to Spit out window in state of Washington?

In most(all?) states it is against the law to spit (expectorate) in public. It is a public sanitation and health (bodily fluids) 'thing.'

Is mrsa painful?

mrsa is an infection so it can be painful if it is in an open wound however it still lingers on the skin in the spit and all other bodily fluids so you can have mrsa with no pain

Is HIV virus found in wound drainage?

Technically speaking, the HIV virus can be found in virtually all bodily fluids. Therefore, a wound drainage would be among them. However, the HIV is found in much higher concentrations is the fluids that are part of the reproductive system.