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Q: What type the antecedent to the capitalized pronoun. Peter is your robot able to move ITS arms by remote control?
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What is the antecedent in Peter is your robot able to move ITS arms by remote control?

The antecedent for the pronoun ITS is robot.The pronoun ITS is a possessive adjective, a word placed before a noun to describe that noun as belonging to something (the arms belonging to the robot).

What is a remote reference pronoun?

A remote reference pronoun refers to a noun or pronoun that appears earlier in the text, but is not adjacent to the pronoun that refers to it. These pronouns are used to avoid repetition and maintain clarity in writing.

Peter is your robot able to move ITS arms by the remote control?

Yes. A robot is a thing, not a person, so the relevant pronoun is it.

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